Sonya Thomas lcsw

What the Book of Life can teach us – Part 2

Tagging on to our last blog post, I want to point you towards a couple of essays that were recently published on this wonderfully though provoking website.  In this essay, the pragmatic reasons for getting married/committing to a long term relationship are explored.  Included in the reasons are:

  • A compatibility around how one lives in their space together.
  • Being on the same page in regards to childrearing
  • Financial security
  • Appreciating how one takes care of their body
  • Embedment in a social group

This is not to completely jettison the more romantic reasons one might find themselves attracted to another person.  It does suggest, however, that the romantic ideals will not sustain a healthy long term partnership over the course of time.

This essay offers pointers on things to consider when facing a relational crisis, including:

  • Everyone when known properly turns out to be unbearable in some central ways.
  • Your sorrows are very normal.
  • Your worst thoughts are only thoughts.
  • No-one really understands anyone else.
  • It’s not strange if you would like to have an affair.
  • Your heightened feeling of despair will probably pass quite soon.

Until next time, peace.