Sonya Thomas lcsw


Trust is foundational for any healthy relationship.  But have you considered that trust involves several criteria?  John Gottman shares five different aspects to consider when it comes to trusting your partner and vice versa:

1. Honesty: Does your partner tell the truth to you and to others?

2. Transparency: Does your partner invite you to meet family, friends, colleagues? Do they confide in you about major stressors, ambitions, and goals?

3. Accountability: Is there proof that your partner keeps their promises?  Does he or she do what they say they are going to do?  If not, is there a valid reason, which is different than a convenient excuse.

4. Ethical Actions: Does your partner display just and fair conduct with consistency?  Towards you as well as others?

5. Proof of Alliance: Does your partner have your back? Are they on your team?

Assess the above when you are evaluating the degree of trust you feel in your partner, as well as how you contribute to your partners capacity to trust you.

Until next time, peace.