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Thriving . . .

Hello all.  I hope this quick post finds you safe and strong.  I want to share the below resource with you.  I intend to sign up for the 40 day free trial.  Typically, I use Sam Harris’ Waking Up app as my meditation guide.  I am devoted to his methodology, and yet, I see no harm in sampling different approaches.  I am a fan of both Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield, and look forward to their guidance around developing a meditation practice.


Tara Brach website

Dear Friends,

In my mind, having a daily meditation practice is one of the greatest gifts we can offer to our lives and to those we love. Particularly during this time of global suffering, a strong practice can support and sustain you as you navigate the waves of fear and uncertainty.

Mindfulness Daily can help you establish or deepen your practice. It is a FREE 40-day mindfulness course that I lead together with Jack Kornfield. Simple, accessible and deep, Mindfulness Daily is distilled from the teachings we both most cherish.


Get Your FREE 40-Day Program


Each session is 15 minutes or less, and includes a short talk and guided meditation, as well as instructions for bringing your practice alive throughout the day. Whether you are new to meditation or would like to refresh your existing practice, Mindfulness Daily will help you integrate mindfulness into your life in a rich and meaningful way.