Sonya Thomas lcsw

Thriving . . .

In there interest if thriving, rather than just surviving, I want to share some of my personal sources of self-care and inspiration.  Some of you may know that I am a mega fan of Sam Harris, who is a meditation teacher/neuroscientist/philosopher/podcaster extraordinaire.  I am sharing his latest podcast on meditation in times of emergency.  When there is so much time on so many people’s hands, beginning or deepening a meditation practice is an option that I hope you will consider.  With that, please take about 20 minutes to listen to the below message from Sam.  He instructs us on how anxiety is contagious, the common fate we are experiencing, and how to take care of our minds during this moment in time.  In the interest of informed consent, please know that Sam is quite cerebral, not overly sentimental, sometimes provocative and utterly devoted to the developmental of equanimity, both in himself and in encouraging that state for all of humanity.

If you find the above compelling, consider signing up for his podcast, Making Sense, in which he interviews thinkers, writers, scientists, philosophers, researchers, and lots of other interesting folks.  I always feel anticipation in advance of a new episode, and a jolt of excitement when I get a notification that a new interview has dropped, which happens, on average, weekly.  I would guess that I am engrossed and engaged with his material 85% of the time.  There are some conversations that don’t really grab me, but that is to be expected.  His meditation app, Waking Up, is my personal go-to resource for developing a meditation practice.  If finances are a barrier to subscribing, just send him an email, and he will waive the subscription fee, as he stresses in the above podcast.  You can do so at or

Until next time, Keep Calm and Carry On.