Sonya Thomas lcsw


In these uncertain, tumultuous and scary times, I have been thinking a lot about resilience.  I know am not alone in thinking about this psychological/emotional/constitutional capacity. The School of Life recently offerred some thoughts on resilience, and I believe they are worth sharing here.  Please ponder along with me:

  • Catastrophes Are Common: The threats we face as a species are countless. In the past we dealt with famines, floods, predators and tribal warfare; today, it is disease, downturn and sudden isolation. Disaster is a regular occurrence; we should steel ourselves to expect it.
  • You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are: We are much less fragile than we’re often led to think. In reality, we are very robust; we need surprisingly little in our lives to get by, and are able to sustain an awful lot of hits and still, somehow, keep going. Focus on this truth; remind yourself of your ability to persevere.
  • Suffering Can Teach Us:  Most of what we’ve ever learnt came to us in periods of suffering. It helps put our past and future problems in perspective, and shows us – through their absence – the good things in our life that truly matter. Try to listen to your suffering; learn the lessons it can teach you.
  • You’ve Done This Before:  No matter who you are, the fact that you are reading this sentence is testament to your fortitude. Your past is a record of trials overcome: you’ve endured setbacks, conquered obstacles and passed every test life has yet thrown your way. Take courage from your own example.
  • This Too Shall Pass: Every trial we face is temporary. For now, we struggle and suffer; in time, our pains will lessen, and fade. Even the longest and blackest of nights must be followed – eventually – by dawn.

Wishing you resilience . . .