Sonya Thomas lcsw

Relationship Green Flags

We are all familiar with the concept of “red flags” when it comes to assessing the ability of a person to be in a healthy and supportive relationship.  Red flags run the gamut;  deceit, selfishness, substance abuse, poor boundaries, and an inability to be counted on are some of the obvious red flags.  We rarely look at what constitutes “green flags” when sizing up a person’s potential to be a healthy partner.  A different way to approach assessing whether or not a particular person is worth the risk of investing your heart and intertwining your lives is to be on the look out for green flags.  If you see them, consider adding these to the list of traits and attributes that may influence you to say “yes” to advancing a relationship.  I also encourage you to take a good look at yourself.  If someone were sizing you up as relationship material, would they be able to see green flags in you?  If the answer is no, consider doing some work to develop the skills, traits and attributes that will serve you well as a partner in a healthy relationship.


Until next time, Peace.