Sonya Thomas lcsw

Nurturing Trust, according to Brene Brown

Have you seen this Brene Brown clip on Braving the Wilderness?  In it, she gives an interesting breakdown on the components that are necessary for building and maintaining trust in relationships.  She uses the acronym BRAVING; let’s break it down here:

  • B is for Boundaries
  • R is for Reliability
  • A is for Accountability
  • V is for the Vault (as in, keep things in the vault)
  • I is for Integrity
  • N is for Non-Judgement
  • G is for Generosity

Check out the 10 minute video for a slightly deeper dive into each of the above components.  As you reflect on them, where are you in setting, maintaining and respecting boundaries, both yours and others?  Are you reliable; do you do what you say you will do?  Do you hold yourself accountable for your actions and/or inactions and own when you mess up? Do you keep things confidential? Do you operate with integrity, which requires knowing what you value and then acting in alignment?  Are you non-judgemental when someone brings something to you? And do you have a generous spirit; do you welcome hard conversations and are you appropriately giving?  As I reflected on these components, I came to see how important all of them are in relationship, and when one is missing or is wonky, I can see how it impacts the ability to trust or be trusted.  Brene has provided us a road map for how to improve in an all-important facet of life ~ TRUST.  Will you use it?

Until next time, peace.