Sonya Thomas lcsw

I hear wonderful things from my patients who are working with Sonya Thomas in individual or couples therapy.  They describe her therapeutic work with them as thoughtful, innovative, and compelling. Her Imago perspective offers a blueprint for healing.  I refer to Sonya Thomas often as I’m confident that patients will gain new tools and benefit greatly.

~Philip Chanin, Ed.D., ABPP, CGP, Licensed Clinical Psychologist


I have collaborated with Sonya on several cases, during which I have treated the individual while Sonya provided therapy to the couple.  I found Sonya to be eager to collaborate, to share her observations and to hear my perspective.  I was impressed with her ability to hold both clients in mind with compassion even as they struggle with each other.  She was able to help one couple struggling with the decision to separate to make a clear choice after being unable to find clarity with many months of couples’ therapy with another therapist.  She was able to help another couple identify and move through difficult power struggles, helping each partner hold onto themselves while hearing their partner’s truth.  I have received feedback from my individual clients that they appreciate Sonya’s direct style, her goal orientation, and her frank expression of her viewpoint.  From my standpoint, this combination seems to add up to very productive work.  I love being able to refer my individual clients to Sonya for couples’ work with such confidence that they will have a positive experience.

~Christina Oliver, MA, LPC-MHSP, Licensed Professional Counselor


I often refer to Sonya for couples and individual therapy and have found her to be a competent and delightful collaborator. She is serious about her training and preparation, always curious about learning something new to help her provide better care to her clients.

~Cynthia Ezell, LMFT


Sonya Thomas, LCSW is a terrific choice for a psychotherapist. Her personal warmth and professional competence make her someone that I would recommend to a close friend or family member.

~Rhonda Scarlata, LCSW


I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Sonya and found that she’s remarkably dedicated to her clients well being. She brings a lot of passion for learning, growth, and healing to her work. Her zeal for learning has been infectious in our collaboration and I know it enhances the therapy she does. Her skill in helping couples communicate is exceptional.

~James Kyne, Ph.D., Clinical & Consulting Psychologist


As a colleague and peer, I find Sonya to be an energetic and committed psychotherapist. She is a compassionate and dedicated pursuer of  knowledge and experience for the purpose of providing outstanding therapy for individuals and couples.  Her vision, curiosity and inclusiveness are compelling.  Personally, I find it a pleasure to be in her presence.  She is a genuine person with sharp intellect and a great sense of humor.  I would recommend Sonya Thomas as an individual or couples therapist to my friends and family members.

~Melinda Borthick Ph.D.