Sonya Thomas lcsw

My ex-husband (married 1.5 years) and I saw Sonya after 2 years of couples’ therapy with a different therapist. Before Sonya, nothing we had tried was doing the trick and my self-confidence and energy was dwindling. After a month of tough discussions and focused therapy in Sonya’s office, my husband and I agreed to a swift and amicable divorce. The lessons I learned during our time with Sonya are ones I won’t soon forget. I grew as an individual and was finally able to let something go that was holding me back from being myself and finding real happiness. Obviously, this is not the outcome couples want when they initially sign up for therapy, but I have zero regrets and nothing but love (most importantly, self-love) in my heart. I would (and often do) recommend Sonya Thomas to my closest friends.

~J.R., Age 28, Happily Divorced


Sonya has a consistent approach that has guided us towards better communication skills and deeper understanding of ourselves individually and together as a couple.  The structure and experience that she brings, coupled with the ability to be flexible regarding our individual needs is wonderful.  Sonya is continually educating herself and staying in tune with current information and she shares this work with us.  We have tried various styles of relationship work and this is by far the best we have experienced.

~MM & JC, in relationship 6+ years


On day one of couples’ therapy, I was ready to throw in the towel on a 10 year partnership; but in less than two months, my partner and I were communicating and enjoying life again. Sonya’s ability to teach couples to listen, mirror, and express emotions in a structured method, allows for safety and mutual respect during difficult conversations. I now know I can talk to my partner about anything and everything!

~FR, recently married


The communication tools that Sonya taught my partner and I, not only helped repair and strengthen our bond, they also help in my overall communication and attentive listening with individuals that I come into contact with every day. Thank you Sonya!

~MA, recently married


Sonya Thomas helped me so much when I was going through a rough period in my relationship.  She is non-judgmental and compassionate, and you can tell she really cares about you.  No matter the issue you’re experiencing, I highly recommend Ms. Thomas.



Sonya has helped my husband and I see a clear picture of our marriage by teaching us how to communicate to each other even when the things that needed to be said were painful.  Our marriage is not fixed but we both have grown as individuals and as a couple. We respect each other more and that makes a difference in how we interact with each other on a daily basis.

~SB, 43, married 11 years


After making the decision to leave my partner, Sonya gave me the professional support necessary to end an unhealthy relationship and focus on my own personal recovery. With her help I am learning healthier ways to give and receive love, both to myself and others.

– A.J.