Sonya Thomas lcsw

Keep Calm and Carry On

As we attempt to navigate the fears and anxieties wrought by COVID-19, please keep in mind that some strategies for managing stress may feel helpful in the short-term but can have aggregate negative long- term consequences. Balance short-term relief from fear/anxiety/stress with monitoring the impact of these strategies on your overall mental health.

  • Reliance on tobacco, alcohol, and/or drugs to manage stress and emotions.
  • Constant worrying (i.e., thinking repeatedly) about the risks or negative consequences of COVID-19. This is┬ádifferent than recommended preparedness from CDC.
  • Co-ruminating (i.e., worrying out-loud with others) can lead to increased intensity of strong emotions.
  • Over exposure to news in the form of compulsivley checking social media feeds, browsing websites, and even availing oneself of fact based news sources can be triggering.
  • Impulsive or high-risk behavior that reduces stress in short-term only (e.g., excessive spending,gambling, etc.).

Until tomorrow, Keep Calm and Carry On.