Sonya Thomas lcsw

Keep Calm and Carry On

For today’s installment of navigating this surreal “new normal”, let’s examine the rituals and routines of daily life.  For those who are not used to spending day after day in very close proximity with ones partner and/or other family members, this can be especially challenging.  Now is the time to think about and and discuss day to day rituals and routines.  Here are some questions to consider:

  • What can we expect from our day?
  • How should we begin and end the workday if we are telecommuting?
  • How can we rely on each other to connect?
  • How do we get our needs for alone time/space/privacy met?
  • Who will handle what chores?
  • How will childcare be handled?  Consider how to equitably divvy up keeping the kids entertained along with supporting their cognitive develoment.
  • Given the mandates around social distancing, how can we connect with others outside of our immediate families/parters?  Does this mean hooking up with a friend for a walk?  Getting coached by a neighbor around a skill they have that might come in handy, like gardening, or knitting.  It goes without saying to do this with care and following all recommended health guidelines.

Remember, Keep Calm and Carry On.