Sonya Thomas lcsw

Keep Calm and Carry On

While practicing social distancing, what can you do to break the monotony other than playing video games?  Here are a few ideas . . .

Take a virtual tour of some of the best museums in the world:

Practice some yoga:

Or take up meditation.  “Not enough time” is no longer a good excuse:

Or perhaps go all in on a home based retreat:

You can visit a calm place online:

Or spend hours poking around on The School of Life’s most fantastic site:

What about joining an online book club:

I’m going all in in this book.  I can’t imagine a more apropos read right now.

You could learn a new skill or take up a new hobby.  Chess, spades and baking are a few ideas.  Starting seedlings in preparation for planting a victory garden might be a good idea right about now.

Be sure to get outside, but stay 6 feet away from each other.  You could, for instance, go fishing, ride a bike, roller blade, walk your dog, walk yourself, hike, or hit some golf balls.

These are just a few thoughts that came to mind this morning as I began anticipating how I will prevent myself form going stir crazy in the coming days/weeks.  I trust that you will have lots of other great ideas on how to keep yourself sane.  Remember, this is temporary, and we will get through this together.

Until then, Keep Calm and Carry On.