Sonya Thomas lcsw

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships

I am pleased to see that college campuses are doing their part to educate students on the attributes of healthy vs. unhealthy relationships.  Think about it . . . when as we head off to college, what we know about relationships is primarily formed in the nest from which we are flying.  It makes sense that lots of young adults begin playing around seriously with dating before they have had a chance to unlearn some of the more damaging patterns/traits/attributes to which they were exposed growing up.  For those that have not had the healthiest modeling, here is a list from Washington and Lee University that differentiates traits of healthy vs. unhealthy relationships.



The above list can be used as one way of assessing the health of relationships across the lifespan.   If you need help in transforming an unhealthy relationship, or perhaps getting clarity about leaving vs. staying in an unhealthy relationship that appears as though it is not inclined to change, seek out a therapist with a track record of successfully assisting their client’s in navigating these very choppy waters.

Until next time, peace.