Sonya Thomas lcsw

From the Book of Life.1

Recently, I have been turned on to a most amazing resource called The Book of Life.  It is an ever evolving website that captures information in the form of articles on the important subjects of life – money, relationships, career, self, etc. There are no named authors, however the “voice” is distinctly British and as such, is non-sentimental and refreshingly practical, something from which we Americans tend to shy away when it comes to all things love and romance.  In an article entitled “When is one ready to get married” we are given a set of alternative principles that indicate when two people are ready to tie the knot.  You will quickly see that “alternative” alludes to something different from the modern day narrative that tends to drive the decision to get married in this era of hyper-romantacism.

We are ready for marriage when . . .

1.  We can give up on perfection.

2.  We despair of being understood.

3.  We realize we are crazy.

4.  We are ready to love rather than be loved.

5.  We are ready for administration.

6.  We understand that sex and love do and don’t belong together.

7.  We are happy to be taught, and calm about teaching.

8.  We realize we are not that compatible.

If you are intrigued by what the above could possibly mean as it relates to ones readiness for matrimony, then take a look at the complete article here.

I am confident that we will be exploring the Book of Life more along way.

Until next time, peace.