Sonya Thomas lcsw

A Valentine’s Day Bonus

Valentine’s day can actually be pretty tough, even for those who are partnered up.  If you are are in a relationship and want to up your game when you go out on that romantic Valentine’s dinner, here is an article from one of my very favorite websites that will give you the support and encouragement you need to take your conversations with your partner to a new level. Once past the romantic stage of early relationship, it can hard to know what to talk about with our partners beyond the kids, work, chores, and the drudgery that is part of our every day lives.  To be really known, and to to really know one another, we have to be intentional when it comes to getting beyond the common and mundane.  We need to begin exploring our inner worlds with each other.  This article is a good guide on how to cultivate connecting conversations with your partner.

Happy Valentine’s Day.