Sonya Thomas lcsw

Keep Calm and Carry On

In our ongoing series of surviving COVID-19, be sure to maintain basic self-care and improve your sense of control and endurance.  Social distancing and other practices aimed at containing COVID-19 can disrupt your routines, finances, and sense of control over your daily life. However, there steps you can take to restore some balance.

  • *Eat heathy food (avoid high sugar foods, alcohol, and too much caffeine).
  • *Engage in physical activity.
  • *Accept circumstances that cannot be changed and focus on what you can alter.
  • *Modify your definition of a “good day” to meet the current reality of the situation.
  • *Problem-solve and set achievable goals within the new circumstances in your life.
  • *Work with your employer, landlord, utility and credit card companies to reduce financial stress if your income is impacted.
  • *Accept unhelpful emotions and refocus your attention on activities that are aligned with your values.
  • *Maintain daily routines and your schedule as much as is possible despite disruptions. For example, continue to wake up at a regular time even if you are working at home.
  • *Increase positive coping behaviors that have worked in the past.
  • *Shift negative self-statements to statements that allow you to function with less distress. Try changing “this is a terrible time” to “this is a terrible time, but I can get through this.”

Until tomorrow, Keep Calm and Carry On.